I am most drawn to the intersection of painting and print media, two antiquated mediums that, despite their supposed obsolescence, continue to be utilized indefinitely.

My vocabulary manifests as a mélange of forms: incidental marks, surfaces, street grids, landscapes, architectures, infrastructures, signage, detritus, light, and space. Elements are built up, covered, scraped down, shifted, and reworked according to their own changing logic and circumstances. Upon first view, incidental scuffs, cracks, and markings in the urban surface could be found practically anywhere, yet they serve as a fingerprint of a particular place in time. I investigate how ordinary minutiae mark the passage of time and people, and how they speak to what is forgotten or left behind in our social consciousness.
The images themselves are formal explorations of my lived environment–  they straddle the boundary between the abstract and the recognizable, the intentional and the unintentional, what is preserved and what is lost.